Simple Present Tense

Forming a sentence in simple present tense

Subject + verb(present form) + object


1. Use simple present tense to describe thing that are always true, or situations that exist now, and as far as we know will go on indefinitely.

  • It takes me ten minutes to go to school
  • Mangroves grow in estuaries
  • He plays guitar brilliantly

2. Use simple present tense to talk about habitual actions.

  • He smokes cigarette
  • Aisha takes a cup of milk every night before going to bed

3. Use simple present tense to talk about things that happen on a regular basis or regular intervals.

  • We go to America in June every year
  • Recruits take physical training lessons every morning
  • We have a family gathering on Friday every week
  • World Cup Football Tournament is held once in every four years

4. Use simple present tense to express feelings and emotions that are true at the time of speaking.

  • Seema loves her mother
  • I hate liars and cowards
  • We don’t like to go on hunting

5. Use simple present tense for scheduled actions that will begin in the future.

  • The school reopens on Monday
  • The bus leaves at 7:30 am in the morning

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