Simple Future Tenses

Will and going to; shall

Subject + will/shall +verb + object
subject + be + going to + verb + object


1. will + infinitive or going to + infinitive are commonly used to talk about future. Sometimes difference between them is very small.

  • They will / They are going to meet us at the restaurant at 9 o’clock.
  • Will she /Is she going to come here tomorrow?

Going to is preferred in in spoken English and will is preferred in formal written English.

2. Going to is used rather than will when we predict that something will happen in the future because we have reasons to believe so.

  • ‘Why are you looking at the sky?’ ‘I think it is going to rain.’
  • Do you know that Ashley and Kate are coming to this island?

3. We can use shall/shan’t instead of will/won’t in statements about the future when the subject is I and we.

  • When we move to California, we shall visit Los Angeles.

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