Prepositions of place (at,in,on)

1. Use at for a point rather than an area, and about an event where there is a group of people.

  • He was at Hulhumale’ Ferry Terminal at 5:30.
  • The box was at the corner of the room
  • We saw Mr.Kasim at the conference in London

2. Use in to talk about a position within a large area, or a something within a large space.

  • in the bag
  • in Male’
  • in the moon

3. Use on to talk about a position touching a flat surface or something we think of as a line such as a road or river.

  • on the ceiling/wall/floor
  • There is a house on the river.
  • on the Middle Road

4. We usually use at before an address and in or on before the name of a road.

  • Bank of Maldives is in/on Boduthakurufaanu Magu.
  • They are staying at XYZ Hotel.

5. We sometimes use on rather than in when we talk about long roads or streets.

  • On Link Road
  • On Majeedhee Magu

6. There are standard use of prepositions for certain words.

at home
in a car
on a bus
at work
in a taxi
on a train
at school
in a helicopter
on a plane
at university
in a boat
on a ship
at college
in a lift (elevator)
on a bicycle, on a motorbike
at the top
in the newspaper
on a horse, on an elephant
at the bottom
in the sky
on the radio, on television
at the side
in a row
on the left, on the right
at reception
in Oxford Street
on the way

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