Across, over, along, through

1. We can use across or over to talk over a position on the other side of a bridge, road, border, river, etc.

  • Once she knew she was across/over the boarder, she knew she would be safe.
  • They came towards us across/over the bridge.
  • I pushed the plate across/over the table to her.

2. Use over rather than across when we talk about reaching the other side of something that is high, or higher than it is wide.

  • The animal jumped over the hedge.
  • It is difficult to go over the top of the mountain.

3. We use across rather than over for things we think of as flat surface or an area such as a country or a sea.

  • He traveled across the country to find her.
  • Airtel broadcasts its channels across the Indian subcontinent

4. When we talk about following a line or some kind, we use along

  • The trees were planted along Majeedhee Magu
  • We had to walk along a narrow lane when we went to his farm

5. We use through to emphasize that we are talking about movement in a three dimensional space, with things all around, rather than two dimensional space, a flat surface or area.

  • We walked through the trees to look for the herbs
  • He pushed his way through the crowd of people to get to her

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