Safeguarding the consumer – Reasons for consumer protection

Reasons why consumers need protection

  • Unfair trading practices of business men such as misleading advertisements, exorbitant prices, poor quality of goods. Prices might be fixed artificially high either by one firm or by a group of firms acting together. Inferior and even dangerous ingredients and components might be used in production to keep costs down.
  • Misleading price reductions might be offered by the sellers.
  • Customers might not receive the correct weight or quantity of goods.
  • Advertisements might make false claims for goods. There are many products about which the consumers are not able to assess the claims made by advertisers.
  • Ignorance of consumers about products that could endanger their health.
  • Safeguarding the religious beliefs of consumers for example, Muslims do not eat pork however they might be consuming products containing gelatin without even knowing it.
  • Ignorance of consumers of their rights.

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