Trends in advertising

Digital Billboards

Billboards are used in areas where there are high concentration of people such as shoppers and tourists or traffic light junctions in crowded cities.

Billboards have been around for quite a long time as a medium of advertisement. However, they have kept on evolving and improving with the advancement of technology. From static picture billboards, we have seen the coming of mechanical billboards that can scroll several advertisements so that people can see constantly changing advertisements.

Digital billboards are an advancement to the mechanical billboard. They use LEDs or similar technology to achieve the same functions. Digital billboards also make it possible to combine sound and visual display making it more effective than the mechanical billboards.

Internet Advertising

Using internet as a medium of advertising has been around for quite some time. However, it has expanded enormously in the past five years. The rise of smart phones and tablets has been a big factor for this expansion. The internet allows companies to reach customers all over the world without the cost of maintaining retail outlets.


The websites usually consist of a home page followed by more detailed pages. The purpose of a website is to provide an online presence for a trader or a firm. The website maybe only informational or it may also make it possible for a visitor to request for more content or even do transactions of buying and selling. The website itself is a way of advertising and show casing the products of the firm or individual which owns it, or the website even can display advertisements for others.

Advertising on websites with high number of visitors is an effective and cheaper method of advertising compared to other media. Therefore online advertising through websites has expanded exponentially as e-commerce now accounts for more transactions compared to traditional retailing.

On a website the advertisement may appear as a web banner or the website may randomly generate popup windows. However, popup windows are quite annoying for the visitors who may simply close the window as soon as it opens.

Search Engines

Search engines index the content of the websites through spiders(robots) that surf the world wide web to make a database of information for the users to access. The best known internet search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo. Website owners try to optimize their website for certain keywords so that the website appears higher in the search engine listings that will drive organic traffic to the website through the search engine. Search engine optimization has become very competitive in the last 5 years.

Email marketing

Everyday billions of email messages are sent. Many of the people who use emails often receive emails targeting them as potential customers from many different companies. These companies compile database of customer details and use them to send out thousands of promotional emails. People usually delete these emails and email services often filter them and send it to the ‘junk’ mail folder, which makes this medium less effective. However the mails are not totally ignored altogether.

Social media

The rise of the social media has presented with a new way of advertising the products and a new way of doing business. Social networks such as Facebook has been increasing the possibility of using it has an advertising, selling and a marketing tool as well. Social media makes it very easy to reach out to billions of people who are connected through smartphones, tablets and laptops. Social media has made advertising easy and affordable and if you want even free.